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For my band... [17 Dec 2004|10:15pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

I want to thank all of you guys from the bottom of my heart. I began this year in Afgahnistan with nothing but a goal, to play atleast one live show before the end of the new year. You guys have given me that and so much more that it's hard to believe as I sit here and reflect on it all. I never thought all this would happen, and I'm glad that it did.

From the start, you guys gave me something that I don't thank the other bands I tried out for gave me...a chance. Not many bands are willing to try out a guy in the military especially when he lives an hour away. But you guys gave me that chance, and I can never thank you enough.

At the same time you guys also gave me a chance to be myself. I asked the question last night, who would let me do the latex paint and all the other weird shit I do for a show? No one. You all allowed me to be an individual within a group. And although not everything I've done has worked (cough cough mask) you still let me do it. And again I thank you.

Finally, I know with the way Jerimiah just suddenly left you guys it was hard for you all to trust in someone new. You also showed alot of faith in me to throw me into a show after only about a month of practice and not to mention the barrage of shows that ensued. I have loved every minute of it, and it makes me want to push it that much more. When I told you guys I'm in this thing for the long haul, I meant it. I have never believed in a band so much before in my life. And I know that we are capabable of far greater things.

Guys, this is just me saying thanks for everything you have all done for me. Here's to the end of a great but fucked up year and the promise of a brutal year to come. Let's fucking do it!

[11 Dec 2004|11:25am]

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All in all a good day... [05 Dec 2004|06:30pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Despite all the shit I went through (truck breakdown, locking keys in people's cars, etc.) I must say, I am very proud of what we did last night. You see, we had a private birthday party for someone who is a fan of ours (believe it or not, lol) but as usual the cops showed up to kill the party. Derek, thinking faster then ever before in his life (jk dude), made a call to the Brewery to see if he could fit us in on the late night slot so we can move the party there. He agreed and so yet again we found ourselves loading up like crazy to make it there and play another last minute show. The show itself was awesome and I think we really made the guy happy. That's what I'm really proud of, we could've just called off the show when the police showed up and walked away, but we didn't. We went that extra step for a fan to give him a night to remember. I think that says alot about us as a band. Peronsally it feels good to do something for someone else, especially when it's something I love to do. So inspite of the pain we went through to make the show happen, I'm more then satisfied with the end result.

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FUCK STUPID PEOPLE! [04 Dec 2004|03:46am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Every motherfucker that says we suck (which has only been one person thus far) I want to utterly destroy. Everyone who fucking doubts, tells us we can do it, tells me that we're not good enough makes me want to work THAT much harder to make this thing work, to get get better as a musician and to get us signed.

Ever notice how most of the time people who talk shit are people who are behind computers? If you think we suck or whatever, HAVE THE FUCKING BALLS TO SAY IT TO OUR FACES!

You aren't going to stop us, and you sure as hell aren't going to slow us down. So do yourself a fucking favor and get out of our fucking way before we destroy you!

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A night to remember [28 Nov 2004|06:43pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Last night was incredible, easily our best show ever. We finally got the crowd we've been wanting for so long and we took full advantage of it. The pit was insane, I swore someone was going to die in there. The crowd was completely on our vibe, even singing along to some of our songs. And our final song "no paradise" with Zack from MIND was incredible. AND we handed out all of our new demos. Honestly, there isn't much else that could've happened to make that night any better.

We needed last night in the worst way. We needed to be reminded of how it feels to have everyone digging on your vibe. I saw some metal kids, some rap kids and even a couple of hardcore kids who for one night forgot all the bullshit classifications and just had a good fucking time. But make no mistake, last night wasn't the peak of our potential. I know we are cabable of MUCH MUCH more then that...just you wait and see.

A big thank you to everyone who was there last night who reminded us of just what we are doing this for.

(yeah yeah I know, this is in my LJ but it was supposed to go here first)

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OBSIDIAN CD Release! [12 Nov 2004|04:09pm]

Saturday, November 27th...
The Brewery & OBSIDIAN Music Presents...

Ormond's Jar - Powerfully Driven Heavy In-Your-Face METAL.

OBSIDIAN - Everything from Industrial-to-Blackmetal-to Hardrock. Crazed Theatric Stageshows and(Finally with a live drummer & new bassist!)

Red Sun - Great American Thrash-metal. With Sick guitar harmonies and one of the best drummers in the local scene today.

and 2 More TBA! (contact me)
We're looking for 2 more Raleigh acts with a good draw.
919-616-6853 or email me xxantiutopiaxx@hotmail.com

The Cover on this show is only...
We're putting on this show to showcase some of Raleigh's newest and brightest talents. Come checkout some of the new sounds arising from the shadows of the NC Music Scene.
Its a fucking dollar! What else do you have to do on this Saturday night?

We're also promoting this as our Demo Release Party!
We're in the studio for the next two weeks, ripping a brand-new demo incorporating the new sound, including the new drummer and bass player. We'll guarantee a complete turn around of anything you heard with the drum programmings.

Also I'm sure Tom will be running drink specials all night long! We have some THE coldest beer in Raleigh, and some of the best prices you can find!

Come Support Local Metal - Step Away From The Keyboard!
For More Info: http://www.brewerync.com | http://www.obsidianmusic.tk
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The worst night of my life... [16 Oct 2004|03:02pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Everything that we may have accomplished with our amazing show last night was overshadowed by what happened afterwards. Two of our closest friends were admitted to the hospital for different reasons. Both are ok now and have been released but it was a long night for obsidian.

I'd like to publically thank Pogo, Jerimiah, John and anyone else whom helped us through last night. Without you guys we couldn't have made it through as well as we did. On behalf of the band, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To my band, Derrick, Anthony and Tim: we are now more then just a band. Each of us have faced trying times this week and still we managed to focus and put on an amazing show last night. I couldn't have asked to be surrounded by better people, I'm with you guys all the way.

To the motherfuckers who drugged my friend and sister...you had better hope I never see you ever again. For the next time, I will fucking kill every single one of you. You are all pathetic pieces of shit who didn't deserve to meet someone as great as Jen, and I will make sure you feel every bit of my rage for that night. NO ONE HURTS MY FRIENDS!

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[11 Oct 2004|02:36pm]

October 11th, 2004
@ The Berkeley Cafe - Raleigh NC
Metalblade Records &
Scarecrow Sweetdreams Media Presents..
w/ Local Artisits
Frexon Zo, OBSIDIAN, Omniscient, and Stigmata
Doors at 7PM, Cover 5$ 21+ 7$ Under
This show is going to be fucking INSANE.
Its fully sponsored by MetalBlade Records
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Tonight, OBSIDIAN Destroys The Berkeley [11 Oct 2004|11:34am]

[ mood | excited ]

This should be interesting.

I'm hoping for a draw. We've put flyers out everywhere for this show, so it should draw ATLEAST SOMEONE. Beyond the Embrace is no longer on the show, they had tour problems and returned home to nurse their wounds...
CHILDREN OF TRAGEDY will be filling their slot.
Hell, I think they fit our style better than BTE would have.
Either fucking way this should be a great show. So much hype is going around, people are throwing our name everywhere, hard work has been paying off lately.
I'm impressed.

Now to do what i know we can do.
Lay this fucking town to waste.

We're off to Jester's in Fayetteville.
Tearing Jester's apart is always fun. Especially when its alongside BILE and The Geminus Sect.
This should be good.

All who can make it out tonight. I want to see you there.
This is a good opportunity for us.
Metalblade is completely sponsoring this event.
I can't wait...few more hours....

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The last show [03 Oct 2004|01:06am]
[ mood | calm ]

Last nights show wasn't one of our best ones, yet I think we had the best time beforehand. Driving up was interesting to say the least, NEVER trust map quest directions. Anyway, we get to Scores, and it looks pretty good. Good atmosphere, loads of hot girls around, and the place had a good turn out despite being early in the evening. But I guess we should've sensed that something was amiss when we found out that the sound system wasn't as professional as we expected (one of the other bands was running it I think). Well little matter, we should be alright right? Well for the first 4-5 songs we were rollin perfectly. The crowd was gitting into it and the pit was crazy. And then it seemed, god interveened yet again and fucked with our tascam system, killing one of our tracks and forcing us to cut our set short. That wasn't so much of the problem as the 10-15 mins of standing there looking like asses trying to fix the shit and watching the crowd disapate.

On a brighter note, we did make 160 bones out of the deal. We don't do this for money, but it'll definately help to pay the bills and pay for some merchandise and demos. Oh and a definate shot out goes to Oxygen Thieves for deciding not to show up at the show...yeah that was really nice to suddenly be the headliners.

Overall things could've gone better, but this isn't the most important show we've got at the moment, so we take it as a learning experience and move one. We've got beyond the embrace and bile to open for. That's where we gotta shine

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greenville metalfest [30 Sep 2004|07:13pm]

well we are playing another show this friday I want to see some people there and in the pit!
October 1st, 2004
Scores Sports Bar in Greenville
This is a two day event! We're on the first day. 10$ for Both Days, 6$ for one.
Lineup Includes;(open to close) Betrayel, Clinched, Infected, Set Yourself On Fire, OBSIDIAN, and Oxygen Thieves!!!
This will be our 3rd show with Oxygen Thieves, and It's always a great show!
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We're Back! [12 Sep 2004|05:44pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

After a long long month of NOTHINGNESS...
We're back and better than ever...
And it feels fucking great.

Lastnight we put on one of the most intense shows yet. The adrenaline was there, the crowd was DEFINATELY into it. The entire day we'd been watching all the bands, and noone was moving, noone was really getting into the music. We step onto the stage and the crowd errupted! Pits broke loose, and body bags were flying. Its great to know you're touching people and making them come to life.
Scott and Tim held up better than I thought they would and we went through the set with nothing but massive intensity, and a grin from ear to ear.
Pictures and Videoclips will be up soon!!!!!

I can't wait for the next show. This one went off without a hitch...and like Scott said...
We can only get better from here...

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Live for this! [12 Sep 2004|12:38pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

We had our first show last night and I must say...IT WAS FUCKING KILLER! We had a few technical difficulties but the vibe and the energy overruled that. We had one of the best crowd responses and we had a mosh pit. Personally as a metal musician, I couldn't ask for much more then that. This is just a start myfriends, we're only going to get better from here.

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Photos Done! [10 Sep 2004|10:28am]

We went ahead and did our Promo Photo Shoot lastnight. It came out alright, we might hafta do some more shots another night but I think we got a few good ones.
Practice was a fucking mess.
Feedback, and God hates us.
Jesus himself came down and rewrote our synth tracks. Yep.
So we pulled a "Sinners" lastnight, which means the show saturday will go off without a hitch...only we'll get kicked off the stage before our last song.
hahahahaha Good Times...

I'll post some soon.
The myspace.com account is kicking ass. We've got tons of song plays, and a bunch of fans already after like 3 days of having it up. I'm happy.
I'm sitting at work all day, gotta work a double so we can have tomorrow off. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I have a feeling its gunna be a killer show.
Just a feeling.
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An Introduction [08 Sep 2004|06:34pm]
Since Derek was kind enough to let the rest of us speak up, I figure I'd do the right thing and introduce myself and give you all some information about me to update all the different information pages we've got.

My name is Scott, I'm 24...thus making me the oldest member of the band. Odd how things like that work out eh?

Birthdate: April 28 1980
Birthplace: Stamford, CT
Current Location: Fayetteville, NC
Musical Influences: Slayer, Pantera, Sabbath, Metallica, A perfect Circle, Tool, Primus, Mudvayne, In Flames

Bass Influences: Geezer Butler (Sabbath), Ryan Martine (Mudvayne), Les Claypool (Primus), Jason Newstead (Metallica).

Likes: Metal Music, Playing Bass, Writing, Video Games, Women, Beer and Tequilla (though not together)

Dislikes: Pop music, The Stupidity of todays society, people who judge solely on appearence, Dishonesty, Betrayal

Equipment: Main Bass: Ibanez Soundgear 805 5-string bass. Ampeg BA-115 100watt combo amp. Digitech Bass Overdrive, Bass Chorus, and Bass Compressor. Dean Markley Strings

Previous Projects: None worthy to speak of, many tryouts few results.

Final Words: "One day you are going to lost everything you have. Nothing will prepare you for that day. Not faith...not religion...Nothing. When someone you love dies. You will know emptiness...you will know what it is to be completely and uttery alone. You will never forget and never ever forgive. the lonely do not usually speak as completely and intimately as James O'Barr does here in this book - So, if anything. At least take this lesson from the crow: think about what you have to lose." ~ John Bergin's introduction to the book "The Crow"

"It's not death if you refuse it...It is if you accept it."

That's a good start for now, but there's plenty more. And I plan on being around for a long time...
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My Reign Is Over! [08 Sep 2004|01:14am]

[ mood | crazy ]

After weeks of being the only member able to post on this thing, I've now given posting abilities over to Legion and Scott. Sorry for the power-trip.
By the by...

Still workin on the layout, but theres TONS of people on Myspace ready to hear music. Its a really great place to host, and gather new crowds.

I wanna see some people posting on the damn messageboards. Slut them out everywhere you can. We need to get people talking about OBSIDIAN and posting about shows and such. That shit really draws attention. Not a dead board.
Try to post as much as possible.

People have been having problems accessing our website through the .tk link. This will soon change when i get around to forking up the 5$ a year on a credit card to get the server changed over to something along the lines of www.obsidianmusic.net or www.obsidian-music.com
Just gotta get a fucking credit card now.

Tis all for now.

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SLAUGHTERCORE Approaches... [01 Aug 2004|05:11pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Well, we're in the home stretch. The last week of waiting. We're leaving friday, hopefully with another band...and heading to Providence RI for SLAUGHTERCORE 2004!
This show means alot to me personally, so it will be one to remember.
We're also playing in Boston Massachusettes August 7th, at The Chopping Block in downtown Boston. Joining our boys in The Departed, this should be a cool experience.

Show Reviews will be up from members of the band as soon as we get back next week.

Also, i'd like to let everyone know now that OBSIDIAN has a new member. We've finally found our drummer, after seemingly endless searching...
Welcome Tim Pluta to the band. He adds a great element, and things are working out fast. He's already familiar with 5 songs. We'll have him ready to hit the stage real soon.

Stay True ¤

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Finally.. [01 Aug 2004|03:03am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I've been wanting to put one of these together for the longest time. Finally its done. This will be where band members will post their thoughts, news, and information that has to do with the band. We're a family, within ourselves and our fans. We want to see comments coming from all angles. Treat this like a messageboard, and watch the band florish.
Certain perks will be given away to certain community members, so join now! Tell your friends. Spread the word of OBSIDIAN.


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