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An Introduction

Since Derek was kind enough to let the rest of us speak up, I figure I'd do the right thing and introduce myself and give you all some information about me to update all the different information pages we've got.

My name is Scott, I'm 24...thus making me the oldest member of the band. Odd how things like that work out eh?

Birthdate: April 28 1980
Birthplace: Stamford, CT
Current Location: Fayetteville, NC
Musical Influences: Slayer, Pantera, Sabbath, Metallica, A perfect Circle, Tool, Primus, Mudvayne, In Flames

Bass Influences: Geezer Butler (Sabbath), Ryan Martine (Mudvayne), Les Claypool (Primus), Jason Newstead (Metallica).

Likes: Metal Music, Playing Bass, Writing, Video Games, Women, Beer and Tequilla (though not together)

Dislikes: Pop music, The Stupidity of todays society, people who judge solely on appearence, Dishonesty, Betrayal

Equipment: Main Bass: Ibanez Soundgear 805 5-string bass. Ampeg BA-115 100watt combo amp. Digitech Bass Overdrive, Bass Chorus, and Bass Compressor. Dean Markley Strings

Previous Projects: None worthy to speak of, many tryouts few results.

Final Words: "One day you are going to lost everything you have. Nothing will prepare you for that day. Not faith...not religion...Nothing. When someone you love dies. You will know will know what it is to be completely and uttery alone. You will never forget and never ever forgive. the lonely do not usually speak as completely and intimately as James O'Barr does here in this book - So, if anything. At least take this lesson from the crow: think about what you have to lose." ~ John Bergin's introduction to the book "The Crow"

"It's not death if you refuse it...It is if you accept it."

That's a good start for now, but there's plenty more. And I plan on being around for a long time...
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