The Product Of Hate (uselessandused) wrote in obsidianmusic,
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Photos Done!

We went ahead and did our Promo Photo Shoot lastnight. It came out alright, we might hafta do some more shots another night but I think we got a few good ones.
Practice was a fucking mess.
Feedback, and God hates us.
Jesus himself came down and rewrote our synth tracks. Yep.
So we pulled a "Sinners" lastnight, which means the show saturday will go off without a hitch...only we'll get kicked off the stage before our last song.
hahahahaha Good Times...

I'll post some soon.
The account is kicking ass. We've got tons of song plays, and a bunch of fans already after like 3 days of having it up. I'm happy.
I'm sitting at work all day, gotta work a double so we can have tomorrow off. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I have a feeling its gunna be a killer show.
Just a feeling.
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