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Tonight, OBSIDIAN Destroys The Berkeley

This should be interesting.

I'm hoping for a draw. We've put flyers out everywhere for this show, so it should draw ATLEAST SOMEONE. Beyond the Embrace is no longer on the show, they had tour problems and returned home to nurse their wounds...
CHILDREN OF TRAGEDY will be filling their slot.
Hell, I think they fit our style better than BTE would have.
Either fucking way this should be a great show. So much hype is going around, people are throwing our name everywhere, hard work has been paying off lately.
I'm impressed.

Now to do what i know we can do.
Lay this fucking town to waste.

We're off to Jester's in Fayetteville.
Tearing Jester's apart is always fun. Especially when its alongside BILE and The Geminus Sect.
This should be good.

All who can make it out tonight. I want to see you there.
This is a good opportunity for us.
Metalblade is completely sponsoring this event.
I can't wait...few more hours....
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