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Saturday, November 27th...
The Brewery & OBSIDIAN Music Presents...

Ormond's Jar - Powerfully Driven Heavy In-Your-Face METAL.

OBSIDIAN - Everything from Industrial-to-Blackmetal-to Hardrock. Crazed Theatric Stageshows and(Finally with a live drummer & new bassist!)

Red Sun - Great American Thrash-metal. With Sick guitar harmonies and one of the best drummers in the local scene today.

and 2 More TBA! (contact me)
We're looking for 2 more Raleigh acts with a good draw.
919-616-6853 or email me

The Cover on this show is only...
We're putting on this show to showcase some of Raleigh's newest and brightest talents. Come checkout some of the new sounds arising from the shadows of the NC Music Scene.
Its a fucking dollar! What else do you have to do on this Saturday night?

We're also promoting this as our Demo Release Party!
We're in the studio for the next two weeks, ripping a brand-new demo incorporating the new sound, including the new drummer and bass player. We'll guarantee a complete turn around of anything you heard with the drum programmings.

Also I'm sure Tom will be running drink specials all night long! We have some THE coldest beer in Raleigh, and some of the best prices you can find!

Come Support Local Metal - Step Away From The Keyboard!
For More Info: |
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