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All in all a good day...

Despite all the shit I went through (truck breakdown, locking keys in people's cars, etc.) I must say, I am very proud of what we did last night. You see, we had a private birthday party for someone who is a fan of ours (believe it or not, lol) but as usual the cops showed up to kill the party. Derek, thinking faster then ever before in his life (jk dude), made a call to the Brewery to see if he could fit us in on the late night slot so we can move the party there. He agreed and so yet again we found ourselves loading up like crazy to make it there and play another last minute show. The show itself was awesome and I think we really made the guy happy. That's what I'm really proud of, we could've just called off the show when the police showed up and walked away, but we didn't. We went that extra step for a fan to give him a night to remember. I think that says alot about us as a band. Peronsally it feels good to do something for someone else, especially when it's something I love to do. So inspite of the pain we went through to make the show happen, I'm more then satisfied with the end result.
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