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For my band...

I want to thank all of you guys from the bottom of my heart. I began this year in Afgahnistan with nothing but a goal, to play atleast one live show before the end of the new year. You guys have given me that and so much more that it's hard to believe as I sit here and reflect on it all. I never thought all this would happen, and I'm glad that it did.

From the start, you guys gave me something that I don't thank the other bands I tried out for gave me...a chance. Not many bands are willing to try out a guy in the military especially when he lives an hour away. But you guys gave me that chance, and I can never thank you enough.

At the same time you guys also gave me a chance to be myself. I asked the question last night, who would let me do the latex paint and all the other weird shit I do for a show? No one. You all allowed me to be an individual within a group. And although not everything I've done has worked (cough cough mask) you still let me do it. And again I thank you.

Finally, I know with the way Jerimiah just suddenly left you guys it was hard for you all to trust in someone new. You also showed alot of faith in me to throw me into a show after only about a month of practice and not to mention the barrage of shows that ensued. I have loved every minute of it, and it makes me want to push it that much more. When I told you guys I'm in this thing for the long haul, I meant it. I have never believed in a band so much before in my life. And I know that we are capabable of far greater things.

Guys, this is just me saying thanks for everything you have all done for me. Here's to the end of a great but fucked up year and the promise of a brutal year to come. Let's fucking do it!
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