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Well, we're in the home stretch. The last week of waiting. We're leaving friday, hopefully with another band...and heading to Providence RI for SLAUGHTERCORE 2004!
This show means alot to me personally, so it will be one to remember.
We're also playing in Boston Massachusettes August 7th, at The Chopping Block in downtown Boston. Joining our boys in The Departed, this should be a cool experience.

Show Reviews will be up from members of the band as soon as we get back next week.

Also, i'd like to let everyone know now that OBSIDIAN has a new member. We've finally found our drummer, after seemingly endless searching...
Welcome Tim Pluta to the band. He adds a great element, and things are working out fast. He's already familiar with 5 songs. We'll have him ready to hit the stage real soon.

Stay True ¤
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