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We Are The Product of Hate

Where will you be, when the mayhem begins?

¤ OBSIDIAN Journal ¤
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OBSIDIAN - http://www.obsidianmusic.tk
Dark/Industrial/Metal, from Raleigh NC.

Legion erebus_legion- Vocals/Keys
Derek uselessandused- Guitars/Ambience
Scott Moore basspanther- Bass/Backing Vox
Tim Pluta - Drums

This community is for the band to share its happenings with their fans, and keep a log for themselves to look back to in the future. Join, and add to your friends list so that you can keep up to date with all the happenings with the band. Join the mayhem and watch the world unfold.
The Revolution Is Upon Us...
...are you ready?

Show Schedule
Upcoming Shows:

Oct. 11th : The Berkeley Cafe : Raleigh NC : MetalBlade Records Presents...BEYOND THE EMBRACE. w/ Frexon Zo, Omniscient, and Stigmata.
Oct. 15th : Jester's Pub : Fayetteville NC : National Act BILE and OBSIDIAN once again!
Oct. 30th : HELLOWEEN : Benson NC : OBSIDIAN, Shadows of The Mind, Ormond's Jar, M.I.N.D. and MORE! All Day Festival!

Past Shows:

-Oct. 1st : Greenville METALFEST! : Greenville NC : Oxygen Thieves, OBSIDIAN, Infected, Set Yourself On Fire, Betrayel, and more...
-September 25th : Transient, Absent Element, and Sideshow Gossip.
-September 24th : Casteldas : Graham NC : Critical Assault.
-September 11th : The Death & Resurrection Ball : Benson NC : SAD, Shadows of the Mind, Strychnine Soul, Direkt Frequency and more...
-July 23rd : Raleigh NC : The Brewery : w/ Session Nine, Age of Despair, Oxygen Thieves.
-July 22nd : Raleigh NC : Kings : w/ Stetson, Red Sun.
-July 3rd : Fayetteville NC : Jester's Pub : BATTLE OF THE BANDS! : w/ DUAL EVO, NiRo, Countermeasure, Pivot, S.O.C., Kaustic, Oxygen Thieves, St.Diablo, Nephilym.
-June 24th : Raleigh NC : The Brewery : w/ Cringe, Morose Vitality.
-June 5th : Raleigh NC : The Brewery : w/ Slave Machine, Tramping Ground, Age of Despair.
-April 29th : Jacksonville NC : Planet Rock : w/ Sister Kill Cycle.
-April 28th : Fayetteville NC : Jester's Pub : w/ BILE, Sister Kill Cycle.