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We're Back!

After a long long month of NOTHINGNESS...
We're back and better than ever...
And it feels fucking great.

Lastnight we put on one of the most intense shows yet. The adrenaline was there, the crowd was DEFINATELY into it. The entire day we'd been watching all the bands, and noone was moving, noone was really getting into the music. We step onto the stage and the crowd errupted! Pits broke loose, and body bags were flying. Its great to know you're touching people and making them come to life.
Scott and Tim held up better than I thought they would and we went through the set with nothing but massive intensity, and a grin from ear to ear.
Pictures and Videoclips will be up soon!!!!!

I can't wait for the next show. This one went off without a hitch...and like Scott said...
We can only get better from here...
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Oh ye of little faith...I was born for this shit!

Dude, send me your email and/or heather's so I can email you guys the pics and vids.
Send me the vids over AIM