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The last show

Last nights show wasn't one of our best ones, yet I think we had the best time beforehand. Driving up was interesting to say the least, NEVER trust map quest directions. Anyway, we get to Scores, and it looks pretty good. Good atmosphere, loads of hot girls around, and the place had a good turn out despite being early in the evening. But I guess we should've sensed that something was amiss when we found out that the sound system wasn't as professional as we expected (one of the other bands was running it I think). Well little matter, we should be alright right? Well for the first 4-5 songs we were rollin perfectly. The crowd was gitting into it and the pit was crazy. And then it seemed, god interveened yet again and fucked with our tascam system, killing one of our tracks and forcing us to cut our set short. That wasn't so much of the problem as the 10-15 mins of standing there looking like asses trying to fix the shit and watching the crowd disapate.

On a brighter note, we did make 160 bones out of the deal. We don't do this for money, but it'll definately help to pay the bills and pay for some merchandise and demos. Oh and a definate shot out goes to Oxygen Thieves for deciding not to show up at the show...yeah that was really nice to suddenly be the headliners.

Overall things could've gone better, but this isn't the most important show we've got at the moment, so we take it as a learning experience and move one. We've got beyond the embrace and bile to open for. That's where we gotta shine
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