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The worst night of my life...

Everything that we may have accomplished with our amazing show last night was overshadowed by what happened afterwards. Two of our closest friends were admitted to the hospital for different reasons. Both are ok now and have been released but it was a long night for obsidian.

I'd like to publically thank Pogo, Jerimiah, John and anyone else whom helped us through last night. Without you guys we couldn't have made it through as well as we did. On behalf of the band, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To my band, Derrick, Anthony and Tim: we are now more then just a band. Each of us have faced trying times this week and still we managed to focus and put on an amazing show last night. I couldn't have asked to be surrounded by better people, I'm with you guys all the way.

To the motherfuckers who drugged my friend and had better hope I never see you ever again. For the next time, I will fucking kill every single one of you. You are all pathetic pieces of shit who didn't deserve to meet someone as great as Jen, and I will make sure you feel every bit of my rage for that night. NO ONE HURTS MY FRIENDS!
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