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A night to remember

Last night was incredible, easily our best show ever. We finally got the crowd we've been wanting for so long and we took full advantage of it. The pit was insane, I swore someone was going to die in there. The crowd was completely on our vibe, even singing along to some of our songs. And our final song "no paradise" with Zack from MIND was incredible. AND we handed out all of our new demos. Honestly, there isn't much else that could've happened to make that night any better.

We needed last night in the worst way. We needed to be reminded of how it feels to have everyone digging on your vibe. I saw some metal kids, some rap kids and even a couple of hardcore kids who for one night forgot all the bullshit classifications and just had a good fucking time. But make no mistake, last night wasn't the peak of our potential. I know we are cabable of MUCH MUCH more then that...just you wait and see.

A big thank you to everyone who was there last night who reminded us of just what we are doing this for.

(yeah yeah I know, this is in my LJ but it was supposed to go here first)
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