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My Reign Is Over!

After weeks of being the only member able to post on this thing, I've now given posting abilities over to Legion and Scott. Sorry for the power-trip.
By the by...

Still workin on the layout, but theres TONS of people on Myspace ready to hear music. Its a really great place to host, and gather new crowds.

I wanna see some people posting on the damn messageboards. Slut them out everywhere you can. We need to get people talking about OBSIDIAN and posting about shows and such. That shit really draws attention. Not a dead board.
Try to post as much as possible.

People have been having problems accessing our website through the .tk link. This will soon change when i get around to forking up the 5$ a year on a credit card to get the server changed over to something along the lines of or
Just gotta get a fucking credit card now.

Tis all for now.
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well it's about jesus h. f'in christ time! that someone else can post on the ever lovin' thing!! damn!

oh, and btw...i created a myspace music account for you guys forever ago, i guess anthony forgot to mention it..argh..

but whateva, use either one..use both lol
i never got around to downloading music files on it because i have no REAL computer access though so it's basically just profile
I saw that after the fact.
But i figure fuck it we'll use both lol...
The new ones been up for 3 days and we're already collecting a fanbase...
So its only a matter of time!

YES, we have joind the 10,000 strong Obsidian bands on Garage band!! ha ha ha
hahaha yea...jesus...

$5 a year? I could fucking handle that no problem.